This map shows stations covered by the WESTINGHOUSE  ATC/ATS system.

                        Points of intrest are of follows.(line 1 only at the moment will be updated soon)

                        Ping guo Yan

                    Bad chicken restraunt across the road from the station.
                         Cheap clothes and fruit outside.
                         10 Minutes by taxi to BA DA CHU mountain park - longest dry Bobsled run in Asia. 50 Yuan per go.

                        Gu Cheng Lu

                    McDonalds for out of town survival food
                         Constallation market - cheaper than central Beijing for many goods.
                         Steel works - Dirty, smelly and BIG
                         Beijing Fantasy plaza - Speaks for itself .........
                         BMTRC train depot .....Fun...Fun....Fun


                         Ba Jiao Cun

                    Ba Jiao Yuo yu lian Bad 1960's theme park.... worth a visit
                         Thats about it really

                        Ba Bao Shan
                        The largest graveyard you've ever seen, goes for miles
                        Dead centre of Beijing.
                        Also houses two industrial cremation Burners.   yum.....yum
                        good place to buy fake money ......for burial cermonies...... of course

                        Yu Quan Lu , Wu Ke Song , Wan Shou Lu

                        Mainly resedential areas , a few intresting eating holes but nothing special

                        Gong Zhu Fen

                        A large shopping complex that sells everything and anything
                        Nearest station to the Beijing Media centre (TV stations) and the TV tower which is definately
                        worth a visit, fab views of Beijing on a clear day. (5 mins by taxi)

                        Military Museum
                        Exactly what it says.......duh

                        Mu Xi Di

                        McDonalds ....yeah......shops.....yeah........boring.......very

                        Nan li Shi lu

                   A few large skyscrapers......and ideal access to the 2nd ring road by taxi.

                        Fu Xing Men
                        Financial district.......golly
                        good shopping ...... has a big dept store which sells all things foriegn (good for clothes)
                        6th floor has decent chinese style fast food with a modern chinese ambiance .....gosh
                        Interchange for line 1 and 2 ..... when alighting the train go up the stairs and left then left again.
                        Nice people in the control room here ..... good noodles (staff only)


                        Shopping heaven ....if thats your thing
                        Pizza hut,Mcd's all the western places to eat
                        Where the locals shop for their electrical goods and clothes and bit's and pieces
                        pretty girls and pickpockets
                        Modern china all compressed in 1 mile.......ace